Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Tangle Teezer vs The Tangle Tamer: a review of two brushes

My hair story

I'm convinced I must have some of the knottiest hair on the planet.

No matter if I've just brushed it two seconds ago, all I have to do is move to find my hair has somehow worked its way back to something closely resembling a bird's nest.

I have the lucky mixture of half curly, half wavy hair which is extremely fine in diameter, yet thick in terms of quantity. The strands twist around each other into matted clumps at the slightest breeze. Hairdressers have been known to let out high-pitched screams of angst whilst trying to comb the knots out of my hair. Seriously, this has happened more than once and is slightly embarrassing.

Simply put, my hair's a nightmare.

The hairbrushes

Several years ago I learnt of a new invention called the Tangle Teezer, designed by a hairdresser called Shaun P who showcased his product on TV's Dragon's Den. Despite being slated on the show, sales of the Tangle Teezer soared. And for good reason; this patented design was innovative and cut through knots like no other hairbrush before it. I snapped one up and have been using it ever since. In fact I have two: the full size and the travel version that I usually keep in my bag (the one on the left below which has a cover):

However, I picked up the Denman Tangle Tamer when I saw it in my local Superdrug. Despite them having confusingly similar names, I wondered just how Denman's new product would match up performance-wise to my beloved Teezer.

First of all they don't look at all similar; the Teezer is a kidney-shaped brush with bristles which are the same material and colour as the back of the brush and which are all the same length, while the Tamer is a more traditional slim brush shape with a handle and black bristles of differing lengths.

The verdict

Performance-wise, for me they don't compare at all. Denman's Tamer is by far superior in terms of detangling my hair. It glides through like a hot knife through butter (excuse the clichéd analogy - but it really does :) and makes the Tangle Teezer feel like it's ripping my hair out as it pulls through. Which is weird as I used to love that brush and thought it worked well. I don't know how or why the Tamer works so much better, it just does...

I like the handle on it as well. It's much easier to hold and makes the Teezer just feel bulky and awkward. The Tamer is cheaper too, at around £6 compared to £10 for the Teezer. Amazing!

I'm stocking up on Denman's Tangle Tamer - one for my bathroom, one in my bag and one for my desk at work. I'm not sure how anything else could beat this brush for me - true HG perfection!!

Have you tried either or both of these brushes?

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