Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Review: GOSH Smokey Eyes Palette in Brown

I was so excited when I saw this. I am all about neutrals and this just looks so pretty! It even has a little plastic diagram card inside demonstrating where to place each shadow.

I love the packaging for a drugstore brand. It's plastic, yes, but is sleek and lightweight, with a magnetic lid that just *clicks* into place.

The four eyeshadow shades are a gold/champagne highlight shade, a light peachy bronze, a warm taupe and a deep smokey brown.

These are my perfect colours, especially the peachy bronze (second from left). I particularly love that none of these are in your face shimmer; they are all what I would call satins, and have a subtle sheen that is perfect for daytime or work.

So what's the downside?

I am disappointed in the colour payoff of these shadows. Initially when you swatch them on your finger they are so soft and buttery to the touch and look like they pick up a lot of colour.

The disappointment comes with trying to apply to the lids with a brush or finger. First of all the fall out was a shock. They seem almost chalky, with actual flakes falling down.

Secondly, the pigmentation seen on the fingertips doesn't translate to the lids at all. Cue sad face :(

The swatches in the photo above took a lot of work. The colours just would not stick and kept flaking off! Almost like plaster...

And the colours are so beautiful as well! So close, Gosh, so close...


G A B Y said...

Aww that's a shame that these shadows aren't as pigmented, they looked so pretty!

BTW, consider turning Captcha OFF on your blog. It's very hard to comment. Afraid of hate mail? Simply choose to approve your comments instead.

Melissa said...

Hi Gaby, thanks for visiting and following, and for your comment! Yeah it is a shame about these shadows, they do look really good at first glance and I like the packaging too :(

I will consider turning the Captcha off then, don't want it to be a pain to comment. Commments on approval sounds like a good alternative!

Melissa x