Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Review: Nioxin System 3 Cleanser - shampoo for normal to thin-looking hair

Nioxin is not a brand I've dabbled in before now. The very name sounds medicinal and not particularly inviting to someone who's into 'luxury' brands for the most part . However, I have fallen in love with the one product of theirs that I've used: Nioxin's System 3 Cleanser. I got the one for fine, chemically treated, normal to thin-looking hair.

I found the names and different systems of these shampoos really hard to understand! I ended up picking the closest one to my hair type, which is fine and coloured.

This shampoo doesn't call itself a clarifying shampoo outright, but its claims to 'remove environmental residue that can build up daily' and its aim to refresh the scalp as well as the hair makes me think it's from the clarifying 'family'.

However, this is not one of those shampoos you can only use once a week to completely strip your hair of product build up. It's much gentler than that. As someone who has oily hair which can't go more than 24 hours without a wash usually, this has been a small miracle. The emphasis is on the word small, since it probably allows me to go an extra half a day only without looking like I've just plunged my head into a deep fat fryer (ew, sorry). But an extra half a day sometimes is just what I need!

The product itself is a gorgeous icy blue gel that makes you feel clean just by looking at it. Unfortunately this photo doesn't do the colour justice, so just think 'swimming pool' and you'll be able to picture its true hue.

The smell is mint and tea tree at the same time (I've never been good at describing scents :)

It's refreshing, doesn't make my head tingle (a feeling that I hate!) and leaves my hair soft and bouncy. Every time. I've not had dryness or colour fading from this so far and I've been using it a couple of weeks now, every day. I'm super impressed.

I'm hoping to combine this with another product I'll be soon to purchase - I will update this blog when I get this mystery product - to reach my ultimate goal of attaining that elusive two days of oil-free hair between washes :) Wish me luck....

Have you tried anything from this brand?

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