Friday, 24 August 2012

Update: where have I been?

It's been just over 3 months since my last blog seems crazy to me how fast those 3 months have flown by. The summer has been wonderful (despite some dodgy weather here in the UK) and really exciting for me.....the main reason for this, and also the reason behind the lack of posts, is that I moved into my very own flat!

I am finally on the property ladder and really loving having my own place. However it's taking me such a long time to get the place sorted! It's frustrating how slowly I am amassing furniture and other bits of decor...but I knew it wouldn't be instant and I have given myself until Christmas to make the flat nice and cosy (ready in time for the colder nights).

Living within easy reach of the nearest town centre has led to my social life taking off like never before as I can come and go as I please without worrying about transportation (villages are lovely and all that, but it's no good for a spontaneous fun night out if you need to drive half an hour, spend a fortune on car parking, and spend the night on diet before driving back again).

Nowadays I go out after work, most nights, all weekend if I want to! I am loving my freedom right now.

I enjoyed writing blog posts so am going to get back into it. I have some amazing new products that I've been using this summer, and have made quite a few changes in my routine. Expect some upcoming posts on skincare and haircare in particular!!!

Here's what I've been loving the past 3 months:

 - Being blonde - I had my hair lightened from dark brown to blonde and can't believe I waited so many years to do it!

 - Being tanned - a week in Crete gave me some much needed colour. I look so much better with a tan :) will need to start faking it again once the warmer weather fades.

 - Supersmile toothpaste - actually does whiten teeth!!

 - Lilash - can't live without this. Mine ran out a while ago and I am about a month into my new tube so hoping to see major lash growth in the next few weeks.

 - Eyebrow threading - in my opinion nothing looks as good, not waxing, plucking or anything else removal-wide.

 - Wedges, wedges, wedges - I can't get enough of 'em

 - My Michael Kors rose gold watch (MK5412) - I get so many compliments on this and I just love all things rose gold

 - MAC's Melba blush - sheer matte peachiness, beautiful with above-mentioned suntan

 - The Body Shop's Beautifying Body Oils - summer in a bottle, especially the Cocoa Butter one. I just love slathering this on...

 - TV shows - Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, Teen Wolf....yes I realise I am perhaps old enough to prefer more sensible, 'realistic' shows but I just adore sitting down watching a load of these online....

Anyway, phew I feel so much better now I finally have a post up!! I will be back again soon :)

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