Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Massive fail: Tresemme Instant Refresh Waterless Foam Shampoo

Ok, so this product sounded like the answer to my prayers. A waterless, foam shampoo that promises to refresh hair by removing oil and impurities. I have very long fine hair that can have oily roots but very dry ends, with a tendency to frizz. Sometimes washing it every day can be a pain, so I wanted something to give it that just washed, soft look without actually washing it. 

So I picked up Tresemme's Instant Refresh Waterless Foam Shampoo, for dry frizz prone hair. 

All you do is pump some of the foam into your hands, run it through your hair and style as usual.

I used a couple of pumps on my long hair. I blow dried it whilst waiting for the witch hazel to start absorbing the oil from my roots. I was expecting refreshed, shiny and non oily hair.

What I got instead were even oilier looking roots that have looked worse as the day's progressed. Yuck!

I'm surprised at the great reviews of this product online, as it is a total disappointment for me. Maybe it's just my hair type that doesn't suit it. But it's back to dry shampoos for me.

Has anyone else had any luck with this product?

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Anonymous said...

I had the same problem. It made my hair look and feel even greasier than it was! Completely disappointed, Tresemme products are usually good!