Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Smashbox Brush Cleaner review - a quick and easy way to clean makeup brushes

I like washing my makeup brushes in the sink with water and baby shampoo. Actually I find it quite 'calming', as watching the colours run away down the sink, and seeing the brush hairs restored to their former glory is quite satisfying. I just don't like waiting for them to dry, especially if you've got one in mind that you really want to use when you're getting ready, you go to pick it up and find some of the hairs are still wet.

 Or, say I really want to use my MAC 187 brush to apply foundation, but it's already been used with a shimmery MSF earlier and I don't have time to wash it and wait for it to dry. 

When I'm in a rush, I turn to Smashbox's Brush Cleaner. It takes about a minute to clean a brush with this so that it's ready to use straight away.

 Here's my 187 brush having been used to apply cream blusher:

I spritz a tissue a few times with the Brush Cleaner, then rub the brush in to it. The product starts to come off straight away, and I turn the tissue over so to use the product that's soaked through to the other side.
Just keep rubbing for 30 seconds to a voila!

                                                        Nice and clean, and already dry! 

I've had my bottle for about a year and am only halfway through it, as it takes so little product per brush. Perfect for when you're in a hurry! I strongly recommend this product to use between washes. 

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